Do you charge a diagnostic fee?
We charge an $79/hr diagnostic fee for residential properties, and a $89/hr diagnostic fee for commercial properties. These fees cover many quick-fixes that do not require additional parts, refrigerant, etc. If your technician needs to order a part or conduct a more major repair, he/she will provide you with a detailed cost estimate so you can review and approve before we begin work.
What payment methods do you accept? 
We accept cash, checks and credit cards: MasterCard, Visa.
Do you follow any privacy policy?
Yes. We respect your privacy, and that very much includes your personal details. We will not release your personal information without your approval.
How do you assess the optimum size of a heating or cooling system?
We use a heat load calculation to accurately determine the ideal system size required to heat or cool your home or office.
It’s important to install a system that is just the right size for your home. A system that is too large will make you feel uncomfortable and increase your energy bills. On the other hand, a system that is too small will easily get overloaded and break down, especially in extreme weather conditions.
How often should I have my equipment serviced?
You should have your heating and air conditioning equipment serviced at least twice a year (heating systems in the fall and air conditioning in the spring). This will help provide maximum efficiency, lower energy costs, extend the life-span of the equipment and prevent breakdowns.
Do you have an answering service?
No. We are an owner operated company and your calls will be directed to Tim Olivier (the owner) who will be answering your questions and scheduling your appointment time.. Most E-mail requests are answered within 24 hours, except during holidays and weekends.